Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite Review | Kannan’s View

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite Review | Kannan's View
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite Review | Kannan's View

I always enjoyed the Galaxy Note show but stayed away on account of this price being far too high compared to what I would rather spend on a Smartphone. However, with the Galaxy Note 10 lite, ” I have the top-class Samsung screen, the 1 UI 2.0, Android 10 running on 6/128 GB with a very sleek, premium-looking device, also a good Camera and the excellent S-pen adventure that develops with you with every single utilization. All below 35k having an exchange. I presume Samsung has made a killer device which, if it fails, could only be due to the lost launch and bad promotion, therefore, close compared to this of the s-20 range.

The Smartphone seems hardy, looks premium, also works excellent. To get a generally firm user similar to me, such attributes, and all the small software improvements and customizations which I am allowed to do make it a gorgeous apparatus. The processor, although it’s not the super-latest Snapdragon what-have-you, does not feel one little bit dull as well as also the battery lasts an entire day also keeps a while to spare with heavy utilization. And of course, say many users are still unlikely to notice the 60Hz refresh rate as because the number of devices that now support more excellent refresh rates may have relied upon your palms.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite Review | Kannan's View

The digicam, honestly talking, does not”WOW” you, however, will not disappoint you. The colours, such as nearly all Samsung phones mid-to-high range, are invisibly along with the movie quality is fantastic. I have not had an exhaustive summary of the Camera yet but haven’t found anything at all to complain of either. The one thing that I originally was disappointed with was the grade of the fingerprint reader and also the face area unlocking. I discovered the two to be slow and incorrect and soon reverted into the good old grid for unlocking my cell phone. I’m glad it is repaired through a future update just lately.

Overall I believe that it’s a terrific device which will hopefully locate greater appreciation notably on the list of industry person community together with those who need a phone that stands out in a crowd for all the right explanation and doesn’t reach the pocket too hard!


  • S pen Great
  • Rear Camera is ideal (can use a photo for being a macro)
  • Screen top quality ok
  • Speakers Excellent ( Even after Mono)


  • Face lock shortage to recognize the face
  • In indoor lighting, the Front Camera is Poor
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite Review | Kannan's View
  • S Pen Great
  • Rear Camera is very good (can use telephoto as macro)
  • Screen Quality ok

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