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Samsung Galaxy M31 Review (March 2021) | Kannan’s View


Samsung Galaxy M31 (Ocean Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

An excellent shipping experience by Amazon, inside 24hr delivery, the phone is sleek & stylish to take a check at. To get an average user like me, it continued for two days at a separate full charge. Very-very smooth processor, compared to other mobiles within this price range like Oppo and Mi. Works as a display –the new value of Samsung at this price with the latest specs. Using quad-camera and also a 64MP primary camera, then pretty amazing pics are clicked. The reduced lighting camera is incredibly valuable. If you are a fan of the AMOLED display, this is the mobile to get you personally. No more issue of overheating throughout charging or usage.

This can be the ideal item you’ll be able to buy at a price from a reputable new using Manufactured in India label. The very first time that I purchased to the early evening of internet release and am happy. I am writing following a few times of usage, but this shouldn’t vary as my experience with Samsung has been most consistent when compared to other portable brands I have used earlier.

Amazing appearances! Finally could delete SMS from notification today!!


  • The display is still excellent with light filter.
  • Functionality is right–no heating or even lagging. Real softball worked excellently.
  • 6000 Mah battery is BIG.
  • 128 GB of storage is excellent. 512 GB card affirmed using dedicated outside card slot.
  • The two committed sim slots support LTE.
  • Fast charging along with 15W charger top with the phone.
  • Mobile speakers sound is excellent. However, I prefer external speakers for more powerful bass in music.
  • The camera is perfect. Macro operation is excellent – appearance at your skin from your tattoo photo and dust particles from desk telephone image!! (pictures of M31 are from another phone). Both rear and front camera service FHD movie 3840×2160. I may well not need to carry my DSLR everywhere.
  • Experience unlocks / figure-print detector response is excellent.


  • Not that slim, but okay.
  • Does not possess the Samsung Dex.
  • Launched as Well Display!! Gave me just a tiny shock but chose re-boot selection and everything has been smooth–yet an Android up-dated (besides most application updates.
  • That is normal in almost virtually any instance ) appeared on within days of launch. However, the upgrade was smooth—no difficulty in the slightest.
  • Feels okay at your fingertips; however, an Rs.49 cover was good. Wrongly ordered black whereas the set is gloomy. Only 49, therefore, will re-order the blue as well.



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