OPPO F11 Pro Review | Kannan’s View

OPPO F11 Pro Review (September 2020) | Kannan's View
OPPO F11 Pro Review (September 2020) | Kannan's View

I’ve now been using this Oppo F11 Pro for the past weeks, and I am rather happy with this particular specific offer. Formerly I believed of moving for Redmi Note 7 Pro since it had been an incredibly low cost. But afterwards, read a few testimonials and opinions and then how shifted my head. Thus, even though that is more pricey below certainly are several other things that you buy to get this capital. Very fast-charging VOOC tech and also comprised charger of 20W. It requires more than the hour or so to go from 9 to 100 battery life. The Battery has been very economically managed. I almost am left using 50% battery at the finish of your afternoon. 

Thus permanently utilization battery could comfortably survive fourteen or three weeks. But in case you’ve got hefty usage for extended hrs of online movie viewing, online movie games, then you also feel that the Battery will function for daily. Of course, when you might have gigantic usage, make your mobile cell phone using your VOOC charger to get one hour, and you’re all over yet once more entire. The camera is still merely exemplary. Face-detection is very more most striking in shallow lighting.

Lately, I strove along with my photograph clicked another tab, also then face manipulation collapsed. Means that the facial skin area detection comes with a superior degree of security. The display screen is quite brilliant, and even the entire panoramic exhibit appears fantastic. 48MP back camera brings excellent images. Plus it will not take a lot of moment. Somebody has been quoting Redmi Note 7 which if we need certainly to shoot 48MP photographs call takes nearly 10-seconds to conserve picture. No anything happens. It clicks immediately. The standard of selfies in bright and low lighting is excellent. Portrait mode additionally works fantastic. Edge-detection is equally also very superb. 

I was very impressed. That you do not need to observe adverts like in Redmi Note 7 Pro, I used to be amazed to be aware we must follow advertising from Redmi Note 7 Pro. It can be really as though we’re employing a device from Redmi. In general, the operation is likewise excellent. The total calibre of stuff, pay, data cable, and headset supplied is superb. In the event, you believe all previously mentioned the fee nearly merit itself.

OPPO F11 Pro Review (September 2020) | Kannan's View


  • Construct good quality: The initial thing we all see to your mobile maybe your assemble. Believe in me, and oppo F11 Pro has trimmed corners nevertheless has sure it’s that superior texture. Although the spine is polycarbonate plastic with a few procedures, they’ve managed to get look like a glass board. Small slick however uncomplicated and comfy to transport. The mobile receives some bodyweight due to the vast Battery, but due to the burden, it provides us with a metallic glass atmosphere right after we save your self. Every one of the keys come at a fantastic location and no plastic texture in the slightest.
  • Screen: ” I would not say I enjoy topnotch and most of those tear-drop or direct waterfall items. F-11 specialist together using the scenic monitor is an absolute treat to see. It truly is merely brilliant and mesmerizing once we touch and hold, some butter-smooth encounter. The display screen is so bright, even in outside states and also incredibly lively. In case you would like an even prominent display, here really can be the telephone number. Again that is far better compared to V15 specialist.
  • Camera: Within an Oppo F11 Pro discussed an informative article I see that the detector employed in oppo F11 Pro is the same Sony detector IMX586 that they utilized in Redmi Note 7 Pro. It appears that the headlines are to get actual. Camera calibre out of front and rear is equally striking—natural colours, Exceptional specifics, ideal HDR photographs and also a comfy, helpful digicam UI. Popup technology is now overly best to determine. It is quickly and functions gently.
  • Battery troubles together using all the Batteryas it pertains over daily—no drain in the slightest.
  • Charging: After Oppo F11 Pro was published there clearly is a con that was talked about the widespread is all in regards to the micro-USB interface and maybe not Form do. Today I will bring this at the experts here since the VOOC tech merely is unbelievable. It truly is only superb charging. As soon as I got the telephone, it had been approximately 20% battery when I charged with VOOC inside of just much less than thirty mins it had been set once you pull the plug on and bill it faster.
  • Overall performance We have found this P70 chip-set in most mobiles sooner. One among the quickest it works virtually right here as well. No loopholes whatsoever throughout ordinary utilization and it might take care of any video game you throw it. Haven’t any complaints whatsoever at all online operation. Oppo F11 Pro has intended it.
  • Audio: audio quality in your speaker is over ordinary. But it doesn’t necessarily mean its awful. Its ideal audio high excellent, convenient sort websites routines and matches way also. Ear-piece recipient is quite loud and overly clear and crisp — even mobile phone quality in its very finest.
  • Community: wi fi and info connectivity operates correctly with no fall, and also the reception operation is still so topnotch.
  • Deal with lock is very speedy, and mic will be quicker as well.
  • Coloration OS 6 to Oppo F11 Pro and that I enjoy this. They’ve enhanced a lot of factors and lots of features included as well. Inventory UI fans better avoid out of the telephone. But expect me,” colouration OS operates as nobodies business. They have already obtained two protection upgrades—no complaints in any way.


  • The mobile will be superior without uncertainty relating to this and also new functionality. Its a necessity to get a telephone, even I’ll imply this over Vivo V15 specialist. However, together with using all the P70 chip, this is expected to be between your purchase cost scope 20k into 21k.
  • The storage limitation should be 128GB to get a 6GB RAM and perhaps maybe never 64GB. Additionally, that really can be a hybrid where there isn’t any location for sd-card right after we utilize two sims. Oppo F11 Pro has to have contemplated 3 slots whenever they’ve opted to proceed to get a 64GB storage to restrict.
OPPO F11 Pro Review (September 2020) | Kannan's View
  • 48MP Dual Rear Camera
  • Low Light Photography
  • Colour and Finish
  • VOOC Flash Charge 3.0

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