Bodybuilding: Muscle Building Secrets of 2020 | Kannan's View

Hey guys, it’s Kannan. I hope you’re doing well, and I wanted to share a technique something that I’ve been working for a long time tonight. Hopefully, you’ll find it valuable, and maybe you’ll be giving me some feedback telling me that hopefully, it contributed to your workout in some way. So let me take you back to a time when I was training in front of a mirror. It wasn’t hogging the mirror. But I was doing a set in front of the mirror, and someone walked in front of me, and it disrupted my set. It disrupted my concentration, and I don’t know if that’s ever happened to you. Someone blocks your view of yourself, and you can no longer perform at the same level that you were doing before in the same pace or the same intensity.

I found that interesting because I’ve been doing this for a long time. I know what I’m doing, and something like that shouldn’t face me, and I should be able to continue. But I wanted to see why and I want to explore why this disrupted my concentration to the extent that I threw the set away. Then I went back to it. There was no one in front of me. When I went about, it was even harder to get back on track and reconnect with myself. So I don’t know if that’s ever happened to you where someone walks in front of you. You bust up your concentration, You might even stop, You have to pause, and You resume later on.

Bodybuilding: Muscle Building Secrets of 2020 | Kannan's View

So after that experience, I tried many things, techniques and I did that with some clients. A client was doing Lateral raises in the mirror, and he was focused on his energy. He was focused on how hard he was working, and also he was focused on the reflection of what that looked like coming back at him concentrate on this area. Mostly what he was doing, and I wouldn’t say I liked that for him. Because it was too much energy and attention in this area and we were working over here right. So I wanted to draw his attention to his shoulders. I could have said Hey, take the attention off here and put it over here. That’s undoubtedly another technique. But what I did in this circumstance, remembering my experience, as I said, well, I want you to look at me while you do your set. Now I don’t want you to turn your head stare in the mirror at my reflection.

He suddenly couldn’t train anymore, and the reason was it brought him back into his body. He no longer had a visual of what that looked like. So all he had to do now was focus on the training feeling, and it brought the energy back into the body unless it was less about the repetition and completing it. It was more now about the sense of How the weights come into the body? And this is a terrific technique to try to take your attention and focus away from what the repetition is supposed to look like and bring it back into the body and focus on the feeling. I’ve done that by turning my back to the mirror by shutting my eyes, it gets the weights back into the body.

Bodybuilding: Muscle Building Secrets of 2020 | Kannan's View

When all you are left with the feeling of it. So two techniques in this video I know it may be a little circuitous, but the first technique was don’t focus so much on the energy of what you’re putting out because that reflects what’s coming back to you. More stress is coming back to you as you put more pressure out focus on the body parts you want to work. In this gentleman’s case, there was too much energy in this area and not enough energy and focus and attention on the places we were training. Then also, after you’ve drawn your attention there, you can even practice by not looking at yourself in the mirror at all. Just focusing on the feeling and bringing the sense back into the body compared to what the exercise, in general, is supposed to look like.

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