How to Set Fitness Goals and Make Progress in the Gym | Kannan's View

Hi friends It’s Kannan I hope you’re doing well a lot of people ask me about goal-setting they say something like Kannan I weight 165lbs and I want to get to 200 pounds, Well I want to remind you that 170, 175, 180, 185, 190 and 195 is along the way from 165 and 200 right now.

By the way of 177lbs count and that was along the way to my Goal which was to be 185lbs. So I weighed 165lbs for a lot of years and my goal was to always be at 200lbs. But quite frankly there are a lot of milestones along the way and you may find that you like, What you see somewhere between the 165lbs and the 200lbs and what happens is when we set more incremental goals.

How to Set Fitness Goals and Make Progress in the Gym | Kannan's View

Not only are we more likely to hit them We’re probably more likely to be patient with ourselves. So instead of going from 165lbs to 200lbs not liking what that looks like. Because it came on to that I’ve said it before kind of like a suit that doesn’t fit quite right. Why don’t we just set a moderate goal of gaining 5 pounds of real solid muscle and work from that or remember there’s a long way between 165lbs and 200 percent you’ll always have time to sort of.

Check out how you feel, Check out how you like if you go nice and smooth set and increment the goal So the goal that’s achievable in a shorter period of time and you may like what you see along the way. Thank You guys Take care of yourself Bye…Bye…


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