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Getting Cut with Cardio | Kannan’s View

Getting Cut with Cardio | Kannan's View
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Getting Cut with Cardio | Kannan's View

Hey, guys, it’s Kannan hope you’re doing well wish you had an awesome weekend. Someone asked me, Kannan, what do you do for cardio? Living in a big city like Chennai I don’t set a time I don’t set aside time for cardio I walk 3 to 4 miles and on the weekends sometimes 5 or 6 miles. It just happens easily for someone who lives in a big city like Chennai no for relatives of mine and friends who come to Chennai they wind up walking 6 to 7 times more in this city than they do in their hometown.

I know that because they show me their Fitbit’s in their Apple watches about and they’re just pumped about how many steps they took when they come to our city. So what I’m trying to share with you is if you live in a town where it’s sub urban you go from the car to the house to the office, and you have a sedentary job you do want to set time aside for cardio. But that’s not for sculpting the body that’s not for losing weight.

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  • That’s not for getting cut that is for the interior of the body.
  • That is for the heart think of the cardio.

That you do for the inside of the body, don’t fit use it to sculpt your body or lose weight necessarily. I don’t particularly think it’s a great way to lose weight for those you who live in big cities. You want to be conscious of it. But you’re probably getting a lot more cardio than our friends and family who live outside of the town. So for me, I don’t set time aside to do cardio. I walk a lot like I said 2 to 3 to 4 miles, maybe even 5 or 6 on weekends. So that aside also on the track some people who are saying Kannan you must not be natural. You don’t need it, and You don’t need to do it If you think I’m on drugs you have to set some bigger goals for yourself.

  • You have to arrest what you think you are capable of with naturally.
  • You have to stop what you believe you are capable of naturally and expand your mind to start fantasizing and start dreaming.
Getting Cut with Cardio | Kannan's View

When you put the work in, you can achieve remarkable things. I’ll admit I got an email from a guy earlier who showed me his transformation over 15 weeks. I thought to myself instantly wow he must be on something this was the reaction that I get from people all the time. It was my first instinct that I hate to hear so much. But I had it’s an instinct, and I thought to myself even after all time knowing what you’re capable of learning, what other people are talented of I had the same feeling about him. So I get it when you say that but trust me guys I called him up we had a long conversation he told Kannan I did what you told me to do and that’s it I stuck to it. I went for it, and you know I see this more and more. So I understand when people say

  • You must be doing this 
  • You must be doing that 
  • No, you don’t you have to arrest that idea 
  • You’ll be surprised at how far you can go

When you start imagining something better for yourself and don’t use me as the hallmark or the touchstone of your progress, you can go further than me I hope you do I want to get an email from you showing me this jacked up, pumped up, awesome looking, feeling good telling me you’re healthy pictures and emails. I want that for you I want to see that back and I want you to tell me you did it without drugs because I believe that you can.

So Take care of yourselves and Be well.

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