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Hi friends It’s Kannan hope you’re having an outstanding day, A lot of people say to me Kannan what do you do for your chest ? So I wanted to remind you that we’re all doing the same exercises. We’re all doing the Pec deck, We’re all doing bench press, We’re all doing flyes. But it’s not anything new It’s your level of connectness to those muscles that’s going to make the difference How full of the repetitions, How much expansion are you getting on your repetitions.

Everybody likes to count to 10 and get it over with it. There’s the quality of the reps that has to be there and I wanted to show you a couple of techniques, If you see below of this blog you’ll see a great Workout plan for beginners about How to become aware of that exercise, How to really build a dialogue with your chest and also you can take the below picture and add on your workout plan and cut and paste it.

I hope you guys are doing great have a great day Take care Bye.

Get Big Chest naturally | Health & Fitness | Kannan's View


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