Best 3 Tips for First Time Competitors in Bodybuilding | Kannan's View

Hey, guys, it’s Kannan hope you are doing well Today I’m going to going to give you three piece of advice that I’ve been given before my first bodybuilding show.

Tip 1: Allow yourself the context necessary to set realistic goals to take into consideration. How long the person you would like to look like as being training and how long they have been dying for If they have been dieting and training for an excess of 5 liters. 

You’ve only just started. I’m sorry, but intending to look like they’re meant in the space of six months is not a realistic goal. Doing so will save you from the inevitable disappointment.

You will experience provided to show day independence a hard you’ve worked. You don’t look like that bus and stick sense realistic goals by allowing yourself the context necessary to have an opinion regarding. How long it can watch, you could potentially look like.

Best 3 Tips for First Time Competitors in Bodybuilding | Kannan's View

Tip 2: There is a reason there are not two head shifts in every kitchen. Suppose you have questions regarding your programming, your best-asking person that structured such programming no one else. Unless they’ve sat down with that individual that coach and have a sound understanding as to. 

Why he’s recommended certain things is going to have the context necessary to have an opinion. Understand that often, because the industry is exceptional, they’ll be people that will oppose the idea of someone else without having the context necessary to do.

So because they want your business studies through any situation before asking anyone else, asked your coach who has structured your programming as to why you were doing certain things. Your coach should always be your first contact to provide you with a start doing things that are of no relation to what they are recommended.

What you do is you skew their reference points, and everything they change preceding that point is going to be to know about you’re wasting your time, and you’re wasting their time.

Best 3 Tips for First Time Competitors in Bodybuilding | Kannan's View

Tip 3: Independent as to the experience your coach one hand understand. It is your body and unless you tell them how you’re feeling. They are not going to know what needs to change (or) What to be improved upon. As I said, you may not know the reason as to why you’re feeling that way. 

But you know how you’re feeling, and It is your job to officially come down to your coach their job to consider the way they were feeling. And I’m in your program accordingly independent because of how much more experience they have a year. 

What you know your body better than one else and you sure as hell know how you feel, they’re doing, what else does, what do you aren’t feeling all that well.

But it’s you’re feeling away to be done believe. It would help if you talked to them then, provided they are not interested in changing anything. Then have no real justification as to why you feel that is when if you should look for a second opinion. But has individual independence who how much are you going to despite it being your first by highly recommend communicating as often as you can with your coach. We’re going to a new feeling. 

It’s going to help you better understand why you’re doing the things you are doing, provided they can justify such recommendations (or) Just by the way you’re feeling. So it’s going to dean the process all that much easier. Because the more they talk about the reasons why they recommend certain things. The more fight you’re going to have in their recommendations.

So I hope this post helps you. Take care of yourself. And if you have any doubt’s DM me on Instagram


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