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Being Somebody who has been in-contact with Individuals who Conduct these Sort of websites, I think I am qualified to answer this Query:

9anime (August 2020) Updates | Kannan's View

Now you may be asking yourself, why have not they been closed down yet? Well, the answer to this is easy; they understand the tricks of this trade. You see, anybody in the world can register a domain, make a new site, and place content on it. If you understand the tricks, you’ll be able to set copyright protected content onto it too and even eliminate it since well world wide web.

This looks at the bottom of the page once you type in “9anime” on google, and you also can not locate the first sites on google even when you type in their titles. Why? Because they’ve been removed from google. However, since they understand the tricks of the trade and these 3rd party hosting companies operate, they completely avoid getting caught dependent on their content.

9anime (August 2020) Updates | Kannan's View

Nobody can eliminate the content from their site, besides their hosting company. And up until today, they do not appear to take care of DMCA or are in nations where DMCA legislation don’t employ.

They do not host the content opting to utilize third-party video sharing websites. Those third party video websites are the individuals that are displaying anime illegally. The promise is that they can not be held liable for what ends up on it, shady, I understand because they do not host the material.

Can Be 9anime prohibited? The long answer remains yes, but I could explain why. These sites pirate anime. They do not purchase the anime or possess any contract with cartoon studios. They rip different resources for which you need to pay and make it available online at no cost.



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